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You Doing Your Morning GEBY?
Noah Kagan explains what a GEBY is

Noah Kagan is an online marketing genius – the best there is in my opinion. His entrepreneurial journey began during his self-proclaimed ‘horrible job’ at Intel. It was at this grind of a job, where Noah admitted to doing virtually nothing all day, when he realized that enjoying what you do, every day, and practicing gratitude, is critical to achieving massive success. So, after realizing he had to turn things around in his life and get motivated, Noah sent his resume to Facebook in its early days, long before it became the behemoth online platform it is today. He was fascinated with what the company wanted to achieve. Kagan gravitated to Facebook’s vision. He got the job and went on to build Facebook Ads, Facebook Mobile and Facebook status updates before going out on his own as an entrepreneur and launching the highly successful AppSumo – a platform my websites couldn’t function efficiently without. His belief was that to be a success; you have to work on projects and ideas that you’re truly interested in. That may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. When you’re having fun, gratitude oozes out of you, and that attracts others to the mission, creates energy, and the passion shows up in the quality of work. Noah puts a heavy emphasis on practicing gratitude and starting his day right. He practices a morning routine known as a ‘GEBY,’ which I’ll get to shortly. But first…


A Grateful, Risk Averse Entrepreneur – Noah Kagan

Any online marketer who understands the value of split testing, creating sticky content, simplifying the opt-in process and generating more leads likely utilizes AppSumo. It’s awesome. And it was built from the ground up by Noah Kagan. He launched it after running an online validation test that cost him $60. Today, it generates millions. Every site I own uses it.  I know that when I receive an email from Noah and his team at AppSumo, it’s relevant to at least one of my businesses; and the product being pitched (they almost always pitch a product in an email – nothing wrong with that) will be simple to use and effective. Through past precedent, he’s built a trusted brand known for getting online marketers results.

One of the many things I find fascinating about Noah Kagan ‘the entrepreneur,’ is he is risk averse, the opposite of what many people think of when they think of entrepreneurs. Due to his high risk aversion, Noah Kagan has a unique and highly successful way of building and launching products… you’ll have to watch the interview with Tim Ferris below to find out more.

Noah Kagan believes in getting small wins early in your day, every day. Rightly so, he believes it is important for accountability. To help him get those little wins every single day, Noah explains to Tim Ferris in the interview below that he practices what is known as a ‘GEBY’.


A GEBY, According to Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan seeks positive reinforcement by doing a ‘GEBY’ every morning: Gratitude, Exercise, Breakfast, You.

To start the day: 

  1. Writes three things down he is grateful for. 
  2. Commits to an exercise for that day – can be weights, a walk, hike, run whatever. Bottom line, you’ll feel better after doing exercise than you did before it.  
  3. Breakfast. Don’t skip it. Consume a healthy, energizing food(s). 
  4. Do something for you – an activity that makes you better for the day. Could be reading, writing, playing with your children, whatever makes you feel happy. 


I enjoy learning about the morning routines of highly efficient and successful entrepreneurs, and Noah Kagan is most certainly one of them. His GEBY routine is brilliant. So much of our success is dependent on our mindset and emotions. When practicing gratitude and focusing on our well-being, improvements at work and home follow. Do a morning GEBY, every day.

Stay hungry,





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