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Top 10 Motivational Picture Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Staying in the Zone

Staying motivated in business is pivotal. It is the most important emotion an entrepreneur can have. For thousands of entrepreneurs, even the most successful, staying motivated, day in and day out, is a difficult task. The process of building a business can be tiresome and often bring about moments of self-doubt. I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs start their ventures off full of piss and vinegar only to lose that energy and eventually lose focus;  this inevitably leads to the downtrend in their business.

Motivation and passion are what I continue to focus on in business. I’m constantly creating challenges within my own ventures to stay on top of my game while keeping me excited. I also find motivation in the books I read about other entrepreneurs who have faced trials and tribulations, but managed to persevere and later to thrive. Because I am such a strong believer in the power of motivation, I am constantly posting infographics on the Capitalist Creations fan page to help give you that jump start, whenever needed.

Below I’ve included the TOP 10 most shared and liked motivational picture quotes posted on our fan page. Feel free to share them with your staff, make them your wallpaper on your desktop or smartphone, or pin them up on your office wall. They’ve certainly given me the giddy-up I’ve needed when facing challenges in my entrepreneurial ventures.


TOP 10 Motivational Picture Quotes for Entrepreneurs


Thomas Edison quote


Mark Twain contrarian quote


Never quit quote from Winston Churchill


Why become an entrepreneur?


quote about success


Fear quote


A tiger doesn't lose sleep


C.S. Lewis quote



Make a difference as an entrepreneur


Marcus Aurelias quote

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Motivational Picture Quotes for Entrepreneurs. Use these quotes to keep you fired up and on track in your business ventures. Please be sure to share this post with your friends, and on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the share buttons below.