Your Fortunes Fluctuate But Your Character Must be Consistent

Anyone can be friendly and jovial when everything is going well. But to truly live a life worthy of remembering, maintaining that level of generosity and happiness even in the tough times is required. So how do you do that? I certainly am not the perfect example. I get down when things with my businesses are stressful. I get distracted at home when I have a pending project hanging in the balance. But I’m trying to change that. And for me, what has helped is the way in which I keep score in business

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How to Keep Score in Business & Life

How we keep score in business determines the consistency of our character. As entrepreneurs, our businesses play such a huge role in our life, but keeping score by tallying our sales or profits in a year can’t be the benchmark. Certainly important, but it can’t be the benchmark measurement of our success

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Our success has to be measured by the amount of people we help; the amount of companies whose profit margins have improved, thanks to our service or product, is also how we should measure our success. A great phrase I love is “If you want to succeed, reduce the stress of those around you.” How true…

While the economy is cyclical, impacting your bottom line for the better or worse, the amount of people your business positively impacts is what must continue to grow, no matter the market environment. Follow that motto, and your profit will take care of itself. Follow that motto, and your character will be consistent. You’ll be happier.

If you have this mentality, you won’t let the tough revenue months, and sometimes years, impact your outlook on the future. This will, in turn, ensure consistency of your character.  A consistent positive attitude is like a magnet that draws others toward you – both in your personal life and professional.

Like it or not, how you feel about yourself as a professional impacts your personal life – and vice versa. So to be consistently positive, make sure your benchmark is appropriate and never base it on how much money you make, or the possessions you’ve accumulated.  Live simply, stay focused on what really matters, and be passionate about helping others with your business.

Stay hungry,
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