This Kid is What’s Right with America

Watching the news and so-called reality T.V. is depressing. It makes me lose some optimism about the future, and even causes me to worry about the socioeconomic environment my sons will grow up in. It’s not so much because of all the tragedy on the news or the dumb-ass housewives of Hollywood complaining about a poorly done boob job that makes me gloomy, however… it’s watching how misguided, ignorant or angry the younger generations appear to be.

So often on television I see young people doing the stupidest shit imaginable and yet they think it’s cool. Or they think they are entitled to everything under the sun without putting in an effort. So when I was forwarded this video from a friend, I was taken aback, but in a good way. What a refreshing video to see. This 12-year-old, CJ Pearson, gives me hope in the future of America. Kudos to his mother and father (they are both Democrats, by the way)… they’ve clearly done an incredible job raising an articulate and engaged young man. Young CJ has even started a political group known as the Young Georgians in Government. Pretty awesome stuff.

Two weeks ago this young man posted a video that harshly criticized Obama’s handling of ISIS. It went viral. While I certainly didn’t agree with everything he said in the video (contrary to many people on the right, I don’t believe Obama hates America), I commend him for being engaged in political issues and speaking his mind. His viral video landed him on Fox and Friends and was believed to be the reason why Facebook blocked his account!

In his encore video last week, 12-year-old CJ Pearson put together a fantastic message for the GOP. It was a clarion call for Republican leaders. And it was spot-on.

Young Mr. CJ Pearson does a hell of a job explaining what needs to happen in the Republican Party if they ever want to win a Presidential election again. Enjoy his video.

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