US Gov Collects Record Tax in Fiscal 2015 – Still Insolvent

When a 200+ year old country has a record year for revenue yet still runs a several hundred billion dollar deficit, and desperately needs to borrow another trillion or two (on top of its already $18 trillion outstanding), you know it is on a path of destruction.

Jack Lew: Raise the debt ceiling soon, or else

According to CNS News, the US federal government is set to collect a whopping $3.25 trillion in tax revenue this year – an all-time record!

However, in spite of that, CNS News reported that the Obama Administration is still going to run a deficit of $438.9 billion… #wtf

Think about that for a second. Let’s say this was you. You just had a record year for revenue as an entrepreneur, but were still well short of breaking even after being in business for decades… it’s safe to say you’d probably cut costs dramatically or pack up shop and cut your losses given the inherent unsustainable nature of your business. Running a country is no different. It’s just one big business. And the stewards of the US economy over the years have run the country into the ground at the expense of Americans.

According to CNS News, this record tax collection by the US government “means that the federal tax haul for fiscal 2015 equaled about $21,832.82 for every person in the United States with a job.”

That’s a shocking amount considering the average median income in the US is roughly $27,000…

This is the precise reason why the next President of the United States needs to be someone who has experience actually running a successful business. The President of the United States should be an entrepreneur.

Sustainability and discipline matter. Spending more than you take in is undisciplined and not sustainable.

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