Hillary Clinton Goes Full Ron Burgundy

At another one of her low energy rallies, Hillary Clinton demonstrated her risk aversion to going off script, but this time she may have taken things a bit too far. While reading her teleprompter, which now tells her what to do from a body language standpoint, Clinton messed up.

As she explained to the audience of supporters that Donald Trump attacked her ‘faith,’ she mistakenly reads an emotion her speech writer wanted her to demonstrate. This is hilarious. It reminded me of America’s favourite news anchor, Ron Burgundy

“…anything you put on that prompter Burgundy will read!”

For a candidate who lacks personality and is largely viewed as untrustworthy and disingenuous, this gaffe certainly doesn’t help improve that. Akin to Marco Rubio’s meltdown at the GOP debate, Hillary Clinton’s reading of the gesture ‘sigh’ is one for the ages, further demonstrating she’s a robotic candidate…

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