Dream Boards are for the Envious

Have you seen these things called dream boards?

I’m here to tell you that they’re a joke.

Basically, these dream boards (also known as vision boards) consist of images/pictures, taken from the internet or magazines, that are suppose to embody what one aims to achieve or accumulate. They’re bad news. Anyone who can put pictures of their so-called ‘dreams’ on a board is either envious, confused, or one materialistic individual.

[Tweet “While there is nothing wrong with becoming rich, it should be a by-product of your efforts, not the focus.”]

Sadly, there are people out there having ‘dream board parties’ which consist of a group getting together and cutting out pictures in magazines of things they want then gluing them to a slab of cardboard… after that they will put that slab of cardboard on their bedside table, or in their office, to serve as a shrine for their ambitions.

If your dream is to own ‘things’ then it will never make you happy. And the pursuit of such a dream will likely guide you down the path of a self-focused and uninspiring life, whether you intend that or not. Furthermore, you will become an impressionable sad sack seduced by well-constructed marketing efforts.

As an entrepreneur, you need to find your motivation in some sort of greater good mission, not personal enrichment and accumulation. While there is nothing wrong with becoming rich, it should be a by-product of your efforts, not the focus.

Side note: If I were to create one of these cheesy dream boards it would consist of one image: a clock being smashed – representing that I hope one day my entrepreneurial efforts will allow me to have as much time for my personal life as I wish.

My Dream Board
My Dream Board

Forget the Lamborghinis, beach front properties, fancy watches, and all the other materialistic bullshit. Bernie Madoff had all that stuff. Those things should have nothing to do with your dream.

Your dream should consist of giving back, growing a legacy, building things, spending time with family, empowering others etc.

Don’t get caught up in chasing material things… these dream boards I’ve been seeing pop up on social media are guiding people down the wrong path.

Stay hungry,

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