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Why America Now Sucks
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump presidential campaign

Watching this presidential cycle, one thing comes to mind: America has fallen.

Never mind how pathetic America’s GDP growth has been for nearly a decade, or the fact that almost half of working Americans now make $30,000 or less, this presidential campaign is all one needs to witness to know the country is crashing and burning…

Both candidates have sunken to a truly ‘deplorable’ level. I understand this may not be easy to digest, but you are judged by your leaders, America. Clinton and Trump are embarrassing, Bush-league politicians.

Leadership should represent the best you have to offer…

What does it say about the state of America when politicians don’t have to follow the same laws as the citizenry? It has become an elitist society.

What does it say about America when one candidate praises the other as the best Secretary of State in his lifetime and then refers to her as a criminal and serial liar? It doesn’t really care about a man’s word.

What does it say about a candidate who, while working as the second most powerful politician in the country, had a private server to use for communication; and then when subpoenaed by law enforcement to turn over her emails deletes 30,000+ of them? It has selective enforcement of the laws which were intended to hold the Republic together.

What does it say about America when politicians hire goons to incite violence at their competitor’s rally? American versus American…

What does it say about America when a presidential candidate speaks of his ability to grab women in their genitalia? It lacks decency.

What does it say about America when one candidate’s camp privately mocks Catholicism and faith-based people? It forgot where it came from.

Your leaders are a reflection of yourself, America…

This is the first time I can sympathize with those who don’t vote.



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