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    How entrepreneurs get creative

    How To Be Creative

    With admiration, I take a moment to watch my eldest son write imaginary stories about competing in soccer against the world’s best. Stats and elaborate

    driving off a cliff in a SUV

    Would You Ever Drive Off a Cliff?

    You’re driving in your car, family in tow, heading straight toward the edge of a cliff… what would you do? Course correct, obviously. You want

    Follow the Gold

    Follow the Gold…

    If you want to read fascinating history about random countries, just Google “countries that produce gold.” From there, pick any nation on the list that

    Entrepreneurs need to be resourceful to be succesful

    What Happened to Being Resourceful?

    It’s been a while since entrepreneurs have HAD to be resourceful. We just wrapped up a decade-long bull market, the longest in human history, and

    Predicting economic cycles

    Predicting When Economic Crises Will Happen

    We tend to oppose our parents during adolescence and young adulthood. For whatever reason, maybe it’s defiance, we have a distaste for their choice of

    married to your business

    3 Ways To Do It – Marry One

    Building a successful business should not be overly complex. Hard work? Yes. Complex? Not if founders are focused on what matters. Suppose founders remain focused