Why John Kasich and Ted Cruz Are Losers

Of all the candidates who began the Republican primary race, from the onset my top choice was Rand Paul, followed by Ben Carson then Ted Cruz. Although I still agree with much of his economic beliefs, I’m now embarrassed to say I liked Cruz. The guy has turned the Republican primary into a mockery for the voters. Despite being mathematically eliminated, he is still marching on, forming an obstructive alliance with the other loser who has no chance of winning, John Kasich. True leaders, real winners, know when they’ve lost and step aside with grace.

Essentially what Cruz and Kasich are saying to the voters is that they know best and that despite essentially being voted out, they want to game the system and get in at the convention – disregarding voters in the process. This sort of stuff may work in countries like China and Venezuela, but it’s far from democratic.

History Won’t Be Kind to Ted Cruz and John Kasich

Realizing that Donald Trump (like him or not) has now collected more individual votes than any other Republican in primary history should have sent a message to Kasich and Cruz that they’re not who the voters, by and large, want. If they were capable of putting their egos to bed by rallying behind the clear winner, the Republican party would be much better for it in the Presidential election. For Cruz and Kasich, it’s about them, not the team…

The mere fact Ted Cruz and John Kasich are still in the race tells me very blatantly they’re not fit for office as they don’t respect the voters.

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