“Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted” Top Google Query During Dem Debate

Hillary Clinton has a branding problem, to say the least. Aside from coming off as cold, out of touch, and just a flat out unexciting candidate who is peddling old ideas as new ones, she is now viewed by the masses as a possible target of prosecution.

Last night, the most popular Google search in America during the Democrat debate that related to her was Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted? followed by “Will Hillary Clinton win the nomination?” and “What did Hillary Clinton do that is illegal?”

While Conservatives have dug deep into Hillary’s alleged mishandling of classified information and private email server, as well as the whole Benghazi debacle, it appears the liberal masses may be waking up to the potential conflicts of Hillary and the Clinton Machine. Hence the groundswell of support now for bush league Bernie Sanders (a.k.a. #feelthebern ), virtually an unelectable candidate given that he is a self-proclaimed socialist. I know America has fallen very far from what made it the greatest nation on earth, but there’s noway voters will put a socialist in the White House. If Bernie wins the Democrat nomination, which would be hilarious, it doesn’t matter who runs for the Republicans, they’ll have an easy path to the presidency.

Watch Bernie Sanders Self-Implode on Bill Maher

Bernie Sanders may be the worst presidential candidate of my lifetime. His economic arguments make no sense, he always seems to be yelling (you know what they say about loud people), and he genuinely seems to hate much of what made America great. And yet, Sanders is very much in the game for the Democrat nominee. According to polls by Politico, Huffington Post, Slate and NBC Nightly News, Sanders won last night’s debate by a landslide. In every poll, at least 70% of the respondents believe he won.

Provided Hillary Clinton can stay out of court, I do believe she will get the nod for the Democrats; but clearly the liberal masses, who often appear asleep at the wheel during elections, are waking up to her activities as Secretary of State. This does not bode well for her in a national election.

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