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Young Liberals Shocked at Hillary’s Mansions
The Clintons' Mansions

Either America’s young adults are absolutely clueless about their political leaders (which is quite plausible), or the mainstream media has done an exceptional job portraying every Republican as rich and out of touch.

Campus Reform recently conducted a clever survey on young voters in front of the White House. They asked these ‘Millennial voters‘ which presidential candidates they thought owned four sprawling mansions that were pictured on a board… not to my surprise, the Millennials thought the mansions were owned by the likes of Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and even Marco Rubio. All Republicans.

Unbeknownst to the voters, however, all four mansions are owned by the Clintons. Campus Reform estimated the value of all the mansions at about $31.4 million… tough life. With all those palaces, it certainly makes it hard for Hillary Clinton to be relatable to her bleeding heart liberal base.

The next survey Campus Reform should conduct on these Millennials is how they think Hillary and Bill made all their riches. Now that would generate some interesting responses. Bernie Sanders may have a chance at the Democrat nomination after all…