Steve Wynn Calmly Puts Clooney in His Place

Obviously, Steve Wynn is a very successful entrepreneur; he is one of the richest and most successful casino moguls in the world. But what isn’t so well-known about this man is that he is a great statesmen and incredibly well-spoken – a valuable talent for anyone in a leadership position. He articulates his thoughts perfectly, never afraid to talk about sensitive topics such as politics, the income gap in America and his past days of partying with the likes of Sinatra and Dean Martin. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Wynn because he is just a very interesting guy who speaks with conviction.

Recently, Wynn was the subject of Hollywood gossip as he got into a public debate with George Clooney over politics. It involved Clooney calling Wynn an ‘asshole’ because the casino mogul criticized Obama during dinner with friends (a dinner Clooney was invited to). Clooney, being the Obama-worshipper that he is, threw a temper tantrum, or so the story goes, and marched out of dinner. Apparently Clooney can’t handle his tequila and gets very nasty when anyone so much as questions Obama’s agenda.

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Bloomberg caught up with Steve Wynn in Vegas last week to talk about this run in with Clooney, but also more important issues such as the American economy, running a business in the US, who the two coolest guys he ever met were and potential 2016 presidential candidates. This is a fantastic interview with Wynn. He demonstrates just how to articulate points with conviction, but without offending others; and how entrepreneurs should present themselves in the public eye.

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