Charlie Hebdo World Leaders March Was Staged Photo Op

We’ve been duped by the media… again.

The public is constantly being misled by the mainstream media. And these days, it seems to be more prevalent than I can ever remember.

Take, for instance, the recent unity march of world leaders in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Media headlines and clever photo angles were crafted in such a way to make us believe our world leaders were out there on the streets of Paris leading the millions of brave people who came out in the name of freedom. I must admit, seeing pictures of the leaders ‘marching’ struck me as a rather moving event.

However, in the days following, I started hearing rumours that the leaders weren’t involved in the actual march at all… say it ain’t so.



On top of the hypocrisy that there were leaders walking in that ‘march’ in the name of free speech who suppress their own citizens’ voices, we have now learned the leaders weren’t even at the million plus person march as we were led to believe by media reports. In fact, they all gathered on a highly secured side street in Paris to stage a march – which was nothing more than a photo op. Click here to see the real version of the leaders ‘marching’.

Now, I get the security issues of having a bunch of world leaders marching among millions… I understand why they weren’t leading the real march. But the media shouldn’t have alluded to the fact that they were!

Below are real headlines from mainstream media outlets on this photo op:

“French, foreign leaders walk arm-in-arm as millions protest Paris attacks”

“3.7 million people march with world leaders to protest Paris attacks”

“World leaders including Muslim and Jewish statesmen linked arms to lead more than a million French citizens through Paris in an unprecedented march to pay tribute to victims of Islamist militant attacks.”

“Paris march: Global leaders join ‘unprecedented’ rally in largest demonstration in history of France”

“JeSuis Charlie Rally In Paris Brings Together Rivals As World Leaders March Against Terrorism”


Just watch the video above. Look at how orchestrated this is…

I know what some will say: it shows solidarity among our leaders. Okay, sure. But there are better, more real, ways of showing that.

Why not have a conference; or have various leaders give speeches to an assembly and blast it on every news station across the world?

Now that this is out, many media outlets have egg on their face. Once again, their integrity (what little they have left) is called into question. And, sadly, it takes attention away from the great message of the REAL march. It also portrays the message that the leaders wanted to send as somewhat of a hollow gesture. It’s just not good.

Journalism by the mainstream media these days seems to represent more propaganda than reporting of the facts.

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