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The One Thing Every Great Office Needs
What every office needs

Your office space… It needs to be perfect, for you. It should inspire and be a place you enjoy going to. It should empower. The sunlight that comes in through the window, the pictures on the wall, it all matters. You need to customize your office so it is the right environment to perform at peak levels. That said, there is one universal item I believe every entrepreneur needs in their office – it’s an absolute must.


How to Work in an Office the Healthy Way

Many days I’ll spend 10-12 hours in my office grinding away on projects. Putting in the long hours while sitting in a chair all these years caught up to me around my 30th birthday. It was particularly hard on my back. I really started to notice it when doing squats in the gym. My typical squatting weight suddenly started to hurt my lower back. In addition to that, my flexibility went from very good, to rather pathetic. My hip flexors became very tight from all that sitting down. Not only was this uncomfortable and negatively impacting my lifting and sports, but it was making me irritable throughout the day. Eventually, I said enough was enough… and started doing research on causes of my hip and back problems, then sought ways to improve my overall flexibility.

Sure enough, sitting at a desk all day was the main culprit for my ailments. Pounding away on the keyboard and thousands of conference calls were slowly ruining my body. Not only that, but as you creep into your forties and fifties, all that time sitting down can take a toll on your heart.

Thankfully, I found THE solution to my back and hip pain from sitting at a desk all day… and it came in the form of office furniture, believe it or not.

The item I’m referring to has literally afforded me more energy, help rid me of back pain, and allows me to stay focused and in the zone for much longer periods throughout the day. Long and short, it promotes better health and makes me more productive as I can now sit or stand while I work. At least half my work days in the office are done while standing thanks to this invaluable piece of furniture.


The Varidesk and Why it’s a Must-Have

The office furniture I’m talking about is the Varidesk. Everyone who works at a desk for long periods of time needs one. This genius invention sits atop any desk (comes in various sizes for all desk types) and allows you to adjust the height of your work area so you can sit or stand while taking care of business. It’s designed to hold, in all the same places as a regular desk top, everything you need (computer screen[s], keyboard, lamps, papers etc.) It literally transforms your current desk into a height adjustable one. I can’t stress how much this product has helped me. And no, Varidesk is not a sponsor of this site. I just really love the product and wanted to share this game-changer with you all. It’s a health and productivity hack.

Varidesk demonstration

Certainly not cheap, but the Varidesk is worth every penny. Your health is your wealth.

Click here to learn more about the Varidesk.

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