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Cadillac: Ugly Americanism or a Great Marketing Strategy?
Cadillac new advertisement

With international competition at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts, as nations compete against one another for athletic supremacy at the Olympics, the timing of Cadillac’s new ad is perfect. However, many do not agree with me. Some find the ad rude and offensive.

Essentially, what the ad promotes is innovation and hard work, and some of the rewards one may receive because of a strong work ethic. It mocks countries like France, where daily visits to the café and month-long vacations in August are the norm. While picking on France in particular, this ad may as well be mocking half of Europe. Some may not appreciate the humor, but that’s just because the truth can sometimes hurt.

In Spain, for example, the people take 2 hour siestas in the middle of the day to rest after lunch – literally closing stores during that time… no wonder their economy is in the dumps.

The critics of the ad, you know the usual anti-capitalism/anti-competition media outlets that think everyone who tries deserves a ribbon, say it stirs up controversy and promotes Ugly Americanism. I’m a proud Canadian and I’m not at all offended by this ad, nor do I resent America for it. Matter of fact, I love it!

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If France or any other socialist European country feels offended by this ad then they should:
A. take a look in the mirror
B. get a sense of humor

The ad is both true, and funny. It also has a great message.

In an era where entitlements are out of control and developed nations in the Western World are on a financial path to ruin, Cadillac promotes a much needed message to the masses. “You work hard, you create your own luck, and you got to believe that anything is possible” states the man in the ad as he unplugs his electric Cadillac and presumably takes off to conquer the world…

3 Keys that make Cadillac’s new advertisement awesome:
1.    Timing of the subject matter is relevant to current events
2.    Controversial
3.    Inspiring and true

This is a perfectly timed ad by a fantastic car company. Cadillac’s marketing strategy may be controversial, but the message is true. Think about that concept when designing your next promotion.

Stay hungry,
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