Political Correctness Police Want a World Without Jokes

To my horror and shock, I’ve found myself agreeing with the proud atheist and boisterous left-wing media personality Bill Maher on several occasions in recent months. The latest incident came last week when he appropriately went off on how political correctness in America has gone mad.

People can no longer take a joke. It’s comical (no pun intended) how self-righteous some people think they are these days. Evidently, Maher agrees.

Bill Maher roasted Spike TV’s award show the other night, and rightly so. At the award show, apparently Clint Eastwood’s joke about athletes turned movie stars, in which he mentioned Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner, was censored by the wannabe man television channel.

[Tweet “But you know guys, just because you have balls, doesn’t mean you have balls. #BillMaherquote”]

What happened to the days when we could take a joke?

I guess there are just too many internet trolls out there like MSNBC looking to crucify the reputation of any so-called ‘white privilege male’ for saying anything remotely sarcastic about anyone other than himself.

Political correctness is a threat to our freedom.

Making people laugh is a treasure of life. Making fun of yourself, as well as others, should be fair game. None of us adults are so sacred that we don’t deserve to be made fun of from time to time. It’s good for us. And to be able to laugh at yourself when you are the butt of a joke truly is a virtue. It’s a sign of strength.

I loved Bill’s line about Spike after learning the channel censored a harmless joke from Clint Eastwood:

“This was on a male network that thinks of itself as macho. But you know guys, just because you have balls, doesn’t mean you have balls.”

All this PC nonsense is starting in the universities and colleges, where young adults are being indoctrinated to believe that jokes about gender, race, and religion are evil. Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld went so far to say,  “College audiences just want to use these words: ‘that’s racist,’ ‘that’s sexist,’ ‘that’s prejudice.’ They don’t even know what they’re talking about.”

And Chris Rock and Larry the Cable Guy both agreed, with Rock saying that he doesn’t do stand up at colleges anymore because the audience is too sensitive.

Bill Maher, in vintage form, bluntly stated, “The PC Police aren’t saying you can’t make jokes, you just can’t them about a protected species. Jokes about men? Yes. Gay men? No. Kim Kardashian’s ass? Yes. Her step-father’s tits? No.”

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