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How to Be A Sore Loser and Ruin Your Reputation
Celebrities at the Women's March

There are many valuable takeaways from Trump’s presidential victory. And this weekend taught us the most valuable of all.

Following Trump’s historic inauguration on Friday, we saw how quickly people can destroy their reputation if they don’t accept defeat with grace and class. I’m referring to two specific groups: the more than 50 elected Democrats who no-showed at the inauguration, and the ragtag protesters who spewed hatred (some even vandalized property) while excluding key groups of women (despite the event being a self-describedWomen’s March). This protest was held at a time when differences should be put aside if America’s best interest is truly of concern.


Your Reputation is Determined in Defeat

First, the Democrats who no-showed at the inauguration are pathetic. Even Hillary Clinton showed up – demonstrating a strength and respect I didn’t know she had. These Democrats who no-showed figuratively spit on the American Republic and the democratic process the US holds so dearly. Their cry baby behavior won’t be forgotten, and I think it will cost them in the midterms.

Whether you lean right or left, those Democrats will always be viewed as sore losers. Remember, these were the same people who in October of 2016 demanded Trump publicly state that he would accept the election results, no matter if he won or lost. They said it was imperative to the sanctity of their democracy… hypocrites and cowards.

To this protest, orchestrated by Hollywood sideshows, George Soros and other left-wingers. It was branded as a ‘Women’s March.’ Sounds pretty inclusive to me. Protesting for the rights of women – great stuff! But wait. This was the same global protest that allegedly rejected a pro-life women’s group from partaking – despite the fact that same group was not in support of Trump. But they weren’t pro-choice so they were denied. How inclusive…

On the Women’s March website it states in its Q & A section how inclusive the event is:

“Q: I’m not a woman, am I invited?

A: Yes, the Women’s March on Washington (WMW) is for any person, regardless of gender or gender identity, who believes women’s rights are human rights.”


Then there was the conservative woman who was assaulted by a nut case, left-wing man at the Women’s March in Edmonton, AB Canada…

This conservative woman (a reporter named Sheila Gunn Reid) was struck by a pathetic little man, and yet nothing was done. Supported by a bunch of left-wing women, the tough guy was shuffled out after assaulting the conservative female so he wouldn’t be nabbed by the cops. Sounds very pro-woman, doesn’t it?

After watching some of the behaviour at this protest (apparently to stand up against Trump’s chauvinist ways), I was perplexed and disgusted. Had I been a centre-left political voter, I would be ashamed to call myself a Liberal after watching some of the spokespeople at that protest. I watched Madonna on the mic in front of thousands (children included) bellow out the words “Fuck you” – I guess to stick it to Trump? This is the same freak show who, just a few weeks before the election, offered herself up for prostitute duty. At her concert prior to November 8th, in support of Clinton, she boldly proclaimed that if people would vote for Hillary she would give them a blow job. Classy.


Ashley Judd Destroys Own Reputation

Then there’s the deranged Ashley Judd… Judd got on stage and read some ‘poem’ (apparently written by a disturbed and misinformed 19-year old girl). It was a hateful poem, possibly inspired by heavy use of LSD, about President Trump and his similarities with none other than Hitler. It insinuated the same lies the radical left always throws at Trump: he is a racist, homophobe, woman abuser etc. But then Judd went even further into the filth fray. She insinuated that Trump has a perverted relationship with his daughter, Ivanka Trump (who I contend is among the most classy, pro-women’s rights woman in America).

Judd’s behavior is the type of shit that turns rational people completely off of a movement. This behavior will crush the left-wing agenda. I know many centre-left people, rational and successful, who will have a hard time identifying with this circus act and likely want to disassociate.

Judd refers to herself as an actress and political activist. Hardly. She’s just another misinformed left-wing freak. Her sister and famous country singer, Wynona Judd, rightfully disassociated herself with Ashley’s tirade, stating, “It’s my understanding that I’m an artist and singing is my gift,” adding “I have supported my country for 52 years, I’ve sung for 5 presidents, & I will support my country until I take my last breath.”

Let’s not forget about Shia LaBeouf – another Hollywood idiot who changes his accent and personality as the wind blows. This punk’s slogan regarding Trump is “He will not divide us…”

Over the weekend, LaBeouf, the insane bearded one who looks like he hasn’t showered in weeks, yells this slogan as he physically bullies a lonesome Trump supporter in a sea of protesters. LaDouche is literally embodying division…

Watch LaDouche below:

The lesson from this weekend is simple: We will all have to deal with defeat. That’s the beauty of life. Without the bitter, the sweet just isn’t as sweet. But when you lose, that’s when you’re truly tested. That’s when your character shines through. Anyone can be dignified in victory. When times are good, it is easy to be classy. But you’ll be judged, and your behavior remembered, after defeat. These Liberals have forever tarnished their reputations.

Stay hungry,


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