Stop Being a Sheep

In the barber the other day I was waiting my turn and noticed an interesting thing. There were three men getting their hair cut, two of which were probably in their early twenties, and the other was pushing 50 years of age I presume. They were all getting identical cuts: the really short and high shaved sides with the long top – it’s the modern day crew cut. And it seems every man is getting this same damn haircut these days, which got me thinking about trends, and societal behaviours.

modern day crew cut
Is this you?

The reason why these three men got the exact same hair cut is the same reason stock market panics happen like we saw last week. It’s the same reason that throughout yesterday every media outlet was recapping and over analyzing Miley Cyrus’ twisted VMA performance and outfits – meanwhile ISIS (another group of sheep) is murdering, oppressing and raping and the global economy teeters. It’s also the same reason, and this isn’t sexist so spare me, many women buy the ridiculous magazines about celebrity gossip. And it’s the exact same reason why after being hacked and having its 37 million members publicly shamed for being adulterers that Ashley Madison’s membership numbers are shooting through the roof, with a reported hundreds of thousands of new members signing up last week alone.

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We live among sheep and must do our very best not to become one. Nothing good comes from following the herd. Best case, you’ll be mediocre. Worst case, well, just look at the breakdown of our society.

Be original. Expand your knowledge base, and look for opportunity. Shepherd the sheep.


My favorite scene from American Sniper is very appropriate today:

Stay hungry,
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