The Ultimate Warrior on Entitlements

James Hellwig, better known as the Hall of Fame WWE star The Ultimate Warrior, died yesterday after collapsing during a walk. He was 54. Hellwig left behind his wife and two daughters.

The man’s message throughout his career and retirement was always the same: maximize every day given to you on this earth and empower yourself.

As a salute to a legendary entertainer and motivator who left a nation of warriors behind, I encourage you to watch this fantastic VLOG Hellwig put together in 2012. With the same intensity he used to enter the wrestling ring with, Hellwig takes on entitlements in this explosive video.  He gets quite worked up in a very emotional plea to his followers regarding the state of the entitlement society and what is needed in order to get back on the right track. Be warned, he is fired up in this video and drops a few F-bombs.

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