Green Party Leader Elizabeth May on The Sauce?

If you’re interested in watching a career implode, take a peek at the video above.

Elizabeth May is the leader of Canada’s Green Party. And while it has never really been relevant in federal politics in this country, as of Sunday, when she went on a potentially drunken rant at the press gallery dinner speech, the Green Party likely just “punched its last ticket” in the words of Starsky…

While appearing somewhat loopy on stage, reminiscent of that crazy aunt who shows up half cut at family dinners, Elizabeth May proceeded to tell the audience that “Omar Khadr, you’ve got more class than the whole f#$>%@ cabinet.”

Omar Khadr, for those who are unaware, was convicted of war crimes by a United States military tribunal in Guantanamo. He was deemed a violent jihadist by American authorities. Toronto-born, Khadr was eventually transferred to a prison in the Great White North. Just last week, however, he was released on bail by an Edmonton judge.

So for Elizabeth May to say he has more class than every member of the Conservative government’s cabinet goes beyond being distasteful. It’s malicious and disgusting.

May, like that sauced-up crazy aunt, also went on to talk about creaky body parts and genitalia. I mean, what more needs to be said?

Before it could get any worse, thankfully May was shuffled off stage by Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Minister of Transport.

Sayonara, Green Party.

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