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Are We Headed Toward an Inflation or Deflation Cliff?
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This is a great debate between Peter Schiff and Harry Dent – one an inflationist the other a deflationist. Both of these men have been predicting a collapse of the American economy for years, but spurred by different beliefs. Peter is a gold bug and the CEO of Euro Pacific, and Dent is a former executive at Bain & Company who thinks the world is set for a major deleveraging era which will drive down the value of hard assets (accelerating the value of the US dollar). I think both gentlemen make good points and some weak ones.

I believe we are headed toward an inflationary environment, which makes me more in line with Peter Schiff’s sentiment. Just look at the rising price of produce. Notice the skyrocketing value of beef?

Peter Schiff believes US stocks will continue to rally, as will gold, and Dent adamantly disagrees, to a point that he was yelling into his mic. Dent is calling for Dow 6,000 late next year, which correlates into roughly a 65% stock market crash. In another interview I heard him call for $20 oil as well.

Enjoy this spirited debate between Peter Schiff and Harry Dent.

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