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The Greatest Speech by Any President in Modern History

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. But for this writing, let’s forget what he accomplished politically and just examine his delivery of message.

Looking at Reagan from a leadership role, I found him incredibly inspirational, witty and obviously, extremely charismatic. This guy knew how to work a crowd, whether they were Republican or Liberal.

Once a Liberal

Reagan was once a Liberal who could recite FDR’s speeches (FDR was a closet socialist in my opinion), but chose to go a different course later in his adult years.

Knowing the Liberal way of thinking very intimately, because he formerly was one, Reagan became the modern day legend of the conservative movement. He knew all the fears of the Liberals and the stereotypes they carried against conservatives, so he addressed them in a calm and strong way no other Republican could.

Reagan had versatility because of his deep understanding of his competitor’s way of thinking (Liberals) and the overall voter landscape. He was able to convince Liberals to vote for him, which were later dubbed ‘Reagan Democrats’, because he knew how to address their concerns while sticking to his beliefs.

In his speeches (the primary battlefield for a politician), Reagan would rebut all the Liberal myths of conservatism, in a cool and collected way only he could, and then explain the roaring optimism he had for the future provided the country embraced his movement. He gave people inspiration and filled them with belief that if they wanted prosperity and a great life, it was up to them. If they voted for him, he promised not to get in the way of their ambitions (because he planned to shrink the size of government), but would do everything he could to make America fertile ground for anyone with a dream.

Bar none Reagan is the greatest Republican President in my lifetime simply because he was an amazing leader, not necessarily because of his policies.

[pullquote]As free market promoters and leaders, we have much to learn from Reagan. As entrepreneurs, his communication skills are something we should all shoot for.[/pullquote]

Comeback Story

Conservatism and the Republican Party were falling out of favor in America when Reagan began his political career. However, he knew the conservative mantra, one based on strength, individualism, less regulation and global leadership was a message that would resonate with the American people. He was right. And in his second election in 1984, Reagan carried 49 of the 50 states. The only state Reagan didn’t carry was Minnesota, which was the home state of Walter Mondale, the Liberal pick for President.

A Time For Choosing

Reagan was dubbed ‘The Great Communicator’ for a reason. This speech, ‘A Time for Choosing,’ demonstrates why he was such an amazing leader. When delivering his message, Reagan did it with pin point accuracy as he fed off the emotion of the crowd.

Reagan knew that America needed new leadership, but it was his delivery in explaining that which propelled him to President.

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