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Entrepreneurs Stand to Benefit from Connected Cars
Connected cars create tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs

Rather quickly, right in front of us, cars are turning into computers on wheels. From Google’s driverless car to Tesla upgrading its vehicles remotely, internet adoption in automobiles provides great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

And with the internet of everything connecting basically everything and everyone to the web, media is now capable of engaging with its audience literally 24/7, without much expense, no matter where the consumer is…

The offerings ‘connected cars’ provide the consumer with are endless. And the efficiencies that come from ‘connected cars’ will be awesome to see; but for this blog entry I just want to focus on one opportunity available for entrepreneurs who specialize in content creation. (media, bloggers, newsletter writers etc.)


Connected Cars Provide Opportunity for Online Marketers and Content Creators

Major disruption to the radio industry is staring us right in the face. Any online content producer now has the opportunity, via the rise of connected cars, to exponentially increase their audience and more frequently engage with their customers while they drive.

Much the same as the internet quickly crippled the cable industry with the rise of YouTube, Netflix etc., the mainstream adoption of connected cars (probably within two years from now) will destroy radio.


The End of Radio as We Know It

Currently, much of the radio audience consists of commuters going to and from work in their cars. Radio/music is the only form of safe entertainment while driving. But as WiFi connected vehicles become mainstream, there will be virtually no need for radio. In other words, there will be much better options for entertainment. People will opt to listen to their favorite podcast online as opposed to the radio. In-car entertainment will be completely ‘on demand’. And as a result, radio stations will be dropping like flies in the near future.

As with all disruptive technologies, connected cars create tremendous opportunity, particularly for content creators. But if you haven’t already started developing your podcasting skills, and establishing a loyal audience of listeners, you’d better get on it.

Not convinced podcasts are worth it?

This may change your mind: According to a study done by the Harvard Health Watch, an average American spends 101 minutes per day driving.

Very soon, podcasts will become the way to connect with your audience as ‘connected cars’ increase the desire for ‘on demand’ talk shows and interviews. Taking your blogging skills and applying them to the microphone is a wise idea. You can now connect with your audience whether they are at home, work, or in the car… take advantage of that. Start podcasting.

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Take a look at the benefits SAP and BMW hope to bring with their ‘connected car’… endless possibilities: