The Best of Tim Allen on Conservatism and Obama (Funny)

It’s no secret that Tim Allen isn’t an Obama fan. How many actors openly bash a President on a TV sitcom during an election year? Other than Allen I don’t know of one.

Whether you agree with his political beliefs or not, Allen actively promotes the free markets and economic liberty – which makes him alright in our books! This clip collection from Allen’s show ‘Last Man Standing’ is hilarious and I’m sure even those who line up left of centre will get a kick out of it.

Tim Allen to his kids on the sitcom:

Let me put this in perspective with the inheritance tax. Now, one day I am going to die and I will split things up and give it to you guys right. The Democrats will tax that inheritance and probably use that money to throw gay weddings for illegal aliens… if the Democrats win the only thing you will inherit is a $16 trillion debt.


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