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Why You Shouldn’t Dress Up for Halloween
Why adults should not dress up in costumes for Halloween

Sitting at the airport this morning I noticed a random daytime talk show on the screen in the lounge. I loathe this type of show… they typically consist of yappy people obliged to share their low-information opinion on everything from politics to romance. But, despite having a mountain of emails to get through, I couldn’t turn away – it was like watching a train wreck.

For its ‘Halloween Special’ the entire episode was a costume fashion show – a bunch of adults coming out, strutting their stuff while dressed up as their favourite action hero or celebrity and giving the audience at home some pretentious attitude… catwalking in costumes.

[Tweet “Halloween is like Trix… it’s for kids! “]

The effort that went into these costumes, and the role these everyday people tried to personify, was mind-boggling.

Call me a party pooper, I don’t care… We live in a world where few under 40 act their age. Peter Pan Syndrome has become an epidemic. Adults who dress up for Halloween, with the exception of those who entertain the trick-or-treaters or parents being good sports for their kids, are weird. DINKs and Millennials who still dress up for Halloween? Come on…

Just like Trix cereal, Halloween is for kids! Grow up.

We (adults) are supposed to make Halloween special for the kids who trick-or-treat. It’s no longer about us. We had our time… remember when your parents use to take you door to door to collect candy? That’s supposed to stop in your pre-teen years! However, thanks to our strange world of alternative online personalities, 30-year olds are the new teenagers – pandering to be one of the cool kids in the hall. It’s the ‘look at me’ phenomenon of Facebook and Instagram (click here to find out why you can’t be cool and have an Instagram account).

Go out, use Halloween as an excuse to party, but cool it on playing dress up. You’re an adult. Similar message for those punk teenagers with poor manners who dress up in plaid shirts and hockey masks for Halloween, smell like dope and expect me to give them fists full of candy to remedy their munchies…

Unless you’re dressing up in a Halloween costume to further enhance kids’ Halloween experience, you should be embarrassed wearing that Superwoman costume.

You’re an adult… Halloween is for kids!



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