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Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Gives Inspirational Speech
Nick Foles Super Bowl Speech Inspirational

As you all know, the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off an upset last weekend in Super Bowl 52 by beating the New England Patriots, led by the greatest quarterback ever to play the game, Tom Brady. The Eagles managed to pull off the historic upset with their backup, journeyman quarterback Nick Foles… this is a guy who barely made the NFL, went through ups and downs in recent years, and was relegated to a backup role with the Eagles. However, when the Eagles’ rising star QB Carson Wentz went down to injury a couple of months back, Foles was thrown into the starting position. He was given the shot of a lifetime and made the most of it. Not only did he lead the Eagles to the team’s first Super Bowl championship, but Foles was also named MVP! Foles is a humble, self-aware man with a deep Christian faith; and he gave an epic post-game speech last Sunday which has applicability to life in general, and more specifically, entrepreneurship.


Nick Foles’ Speech After Super Bowl Gives Wisdom and Inspiration to Entrepreneurs

There were three keys to Nick Foles‘ post-Super Bowl speech which is now making the rounds on the internet for its inspirational message. The three key takeaways for entrepreneurs from Foles’ speech are below (and so is video footage of the speech):

Enjoy the moment: Rumours began swirling the moment the final whistle went in Super Bowl 52 about Foles’ football future. He played a great game in Super Bowl 52, but it’s widely believed Carson Wentz, once fully recovered from injury, will be back in the starting position for the Eagles. And Foles has some rather unusual clauses in his contract with the Eagles that make him attractive for the organization to trade before February 2019. Given Foles’ strong season after Wentz was hurt, he will likely be offered a handsome deal by one of the many teams in the NFL desperate for a quarterback of his ilk.

After the historic Super Bowl victory, at the press conference, reporters were trying to get Foles to discuss where he sees his future in the NFL — implying that he likely would not be with the Eagles much longer — and his response was golden:

“I’m not really worried about my future right now. I’m grateful to be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles. I said when I signed with the Eagles, I’m grateful and content in this moment. I’m staying in the moment. I’m not worried about my future right now. There will be a time and a place to handle all that, but I take a lot of pride in wearing the Philadelphia Eagles jersey. And I just enjoy being here. It’s such a great team…”

Foles made a conscious effort to appreciate the magnitude of what just happened. He’s celebrating his victory because he knows the moment he starts looking ahead at the future, and possible deals, is when this historic win enters the rear view.

As entrepreneurs, it’s natural to look ahead, but it’s important to celebrate and reflect on your victories; otherwise, the journey is unsatisfying, and you’re missing the point. Don’t be afraid to pause and pat yourself on the back when you hit a new milestone or enjoy a record year of profit. Whatever the win, celebrate it. Take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of celebrating victories as an entrepreneur when things are booming because the next opportunity is calling. Consciously step away from the noise and appreciate the moment, otherwise what’s the point of all the sacrifices we make?

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.

If you are anxious you are living in the future.

If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

― Lao Tzu


Don’t be afraid to fail:  Foles stated in his speech,

“When you look at a struggle in your life, just know that, you know that’s just opportunity for your character to grow.”

He continued,

“If something is going wrong in your life, embrace it because you’re growing…”

100%! Failure, and finding a great mentor, are the ONLY ways to truly grow and improve as an entrepreneur.


Social media is a highlight reel, nothing more: Foles articulated an astute observation in his speech. He stated that social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, aren’t real life and don’t give you a strong base in reality. He described them as “highlight reels,” which can make you feel down about your standing in life, particularly if you’re going through tough times. Brilliant.

Nick Foles is an inspirational athlete for entrepreneurs to follow. The three key points of his post-Super Bowl speech must be remembered as you journey through life and your business ventures.

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