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A Free Market Economy is the Only Option for America

Without question a free market is the best environment for consumers and entrepreneurs. It encourages firms to compete with one another based on quality and cost (not which business has better political connections).

In a free market, entrepreneurs are forced to constantly innovate and create a good or service at the most efficient level.

In a free market, the public opinion of a business is the ultimate regulator. Entrepreneurs aren’t forced to pay excessive amounts of capital and man hours on over burdensome regulation in a free market. Instead, in a free market, entrepreneurs spend their time improving their product for the consumer. Those entrepreneurs willing to go the extra mile for the consumer will be handsomely rewarded in a free market; those who don’t will fail.

Those who say free markets only benefit large corporations are grossly mistaken. In fact, free markets open up competition; free markets eliminate corporate welfare and crony capitalism. Free markets don’t support tax payer bailouts of large corporations who never operated efficiently in the first place.

Free markets give the power back to the people. Free markets allow the consumer to dictate what a product or service is worth; and free markets naturally drive the cost of goods and services down.

Please share this article and video. We need a free market so the economy can grow once again. Let’s not forget what made America so great in the first place.

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