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Taxes: The Most Brutally Honest Moment of Hillary Clinton’s Career
Hillary Clinton promises to raise taxes on Middle Class

Hillary Clinton’s economic plan for America involves a hell of a lot of new taxes, an estimated $1.3 trillion in fact. She initially branded her astronomical tax hike idea as making the ‘rich’ pay more, all in the name of fairness… But as we all know, such a gargantuan tax hike like that ends up hurting one particular group the most: the middle-class worker. It’s a story as old as time, and yet politicians continue to mislead and lie about it; and people keep falling for it.

Thankfully, in a strange turn of events, we saw Hillary Clinton finally tell people the truth… ironic as it may seem coming from her, Hillary actually told it like it is while campaigning this week in Nebraska.

Just two days ago while on the campaign trail with the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett, in a rare moment of accidental brutal honesty from Hillary Clinton, she admitted to a crowd of robotic followers (likely all in the middle-class except for Buffett) that she is going to “raise taxes on the middle-class.” Amazing stuff. And just like robots, they all clapped when she announced this! Even Warren Buffett applauded this middle-class tax hike promise.

Watch for yourself… brutal honesty from one of the most dishonest politicians in recent history.

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