Jimmy Kimmel Shows How Intoxicated People are by Apple Products

Perception is reality…

If you want to know just how powerful branding can be, look no further than a recent Jimmy Kimmel stunt pulled on the unassuming public.

The power of Apple’s branding was on full display for Kimmel’s audience when he had a staff member interview consumers on the street to get their take on the ‘new’ Apple iPhone

The interviewer approached random consumers on the street to get their opinion on the new iPhone 6S, except there was a twist. He handed them the oldest iPhone that came out in 2007, told them it was the new iPhone 6S, and waited for reviews. The results were astounding, and demonstrated just how powerful the Apple brand is. Loyalty to the brand is so extreme that it has gotten to the point where consumers can’t even differentiate new from old, but, nevertheless, always want to buy the latest and greatest Apple product.

Jimmy Kimmel wisely stated, “We are now programmed to feel like if we don’t get the new one we are missing out on something.”

When people were handed what they thought was the new iPhone 6S, except it was the oldest iPhone, they responded with reviews such as:

“Nice and light. Small. Very comfortable. I’m seeing a smaller screen, probably more compact.”

“Processor is much faster.”

“It is very exciting.”

“The resolution on the screen is much sharper.”

“Pictures are clearer, the camera is amazing.”


“I love the size. It’s not too big. Fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.”

Apple is to ‘cool tech’ what the bottled water phenomenon is to healthy living. Water was once virtually free to drink, but now sells for more than the price of oil…

That’s the power of branding, folks. Apple has it mastered better than anyone.

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