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The Best Commercial I’ve Seen in Years
best commercial in years

Part of a successful advertisement or piece of copy is diffusing apprehension about your industry and brand. Making it easy, and ideally even comforting, for the consumer to purchase your product is paramount. It’s essential your customer feels they made a smart decision when buying your product – an intelligent decision to part ways with their hard-earned money for your offering. That’s why so many ads these days stack a product against a competitor (think Chevy and Samsung Galaxy commercials), or they lay out stats reiterating why their product is best (Airline commercials and how many passengers they transport, toothpaste and Toyota commercials).

Effective marketing is about demonstrating your brand can be trusted, is established and has a conscience. Great marketing dispels negative myths about your product or industry while tugging at the heartstrings or making people laugh…

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With that, I want to share a brilliant commercial by Fidelity – one of the world’s largest providers of financial services. It’s the best piece of marketing I’ve seen since Bell’s Whisky commercial a couple years back (another family-oriented ad). See Fidelity’s commercial at the top of the page, and then jump back to this article and the information below to find out exactly why this ad is so powerful for a company like Fidelity…


Three Reasons Fidelity’s Commercial is the Best I’ve Seen in Years

One: Public perception of Wall Street and money managers has soured since the financial crisis. Broad brush strokes here, but many people feel Wall Street, and big banks are soulless, greedy institutions that don’t consider the needs of Main Street. And politicians have fanned that flame. That is why this commercial is so brilliant. Fidelity injects stewardship and compassion into their brand with this commercial.

Two: With companies such as Wealth Simple and Betterment, automated investing platforms which run on AI and big data, it is important for traditional funds to reestablish the value of the human connection. Conventional financial institutions’ market shares are being negatively impacted by big data and technology – specifically with millennial investors. And look who the kid in the commercial is now? A millennial

Three: Fidelity told a cinematic story, and a true one at that. Instantly, when you see ‘based on a true story’ text at the start, you’re going to watch because, well, everyone loves a story. When in doubt of a marketing strategy, tell a story. There’s nothing more impactful in marketing than a true, emotional story – which is why, as an entrepreneur, it is important to read fiction books. They teach the fundamental elements of storytelling.

create a visionFidelity knocked it out of the park with this ad. When crafting your next marketing video or piece of copy, think how you can make people feel comfortable and smart for purchasing your product. Dispel myths or negatives about your product, and, above all, tell a relatable story about your mission (funny or inspiring). That’s how great entrepreneurs successfully market products.

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