1 Day After Paris & Now the World Agrees with Trump

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the guy has guts. Although he wouldn’t be my first choice for President, he’s brought some key issues into the debate that would have otherwise been ignored given how politically incorrect many deem them to be.  Additionally, in an era where most people have given up on their elected leaders, he’s brought the audience back, and has clearly engaged voters across America.

Trump’s supposed controversial remarks about immigration, although I don’t find them controversial at all, have propelled him onto the main stage as the front-runner for the GOP. And I suspect his latest remarks will send him surging in the polls again…

The night before the worst terrorist attack on a Western nation since 9/11, Donald Trump gave an explosive speech in Fort Dodge, Iowa which was highly criticized by his opponents and many mainstream media outlets, including right-wing sects.

But now, just one day after the Paris terrorist attack by Islamic Extremists (a.k.a ISIS/al-Qaeda/ ISIL), almost every Western leader seems to be in agreeance with Trump – they’ve just articulated it in different words shall we say.

So what was it that Trump said to a packed house in Iowa on November 12th that Western leaders seem to be in full support of now?

In respect to his plan for ISIS, Trump eloquently stated that he would “bomb the shit out of ‘em.” Seems like a righteous plan to execute on a group of serial rapists that love to behead Christians and Muslims who refuse to bow down.

[Tweet “@realDonaldTrump says he wants to “bomb the shit out of” #ISIS – sounds good to me”]

Criticized before the Paris terrorist attacks for not speaking presidential, I think Trump simply said what all of us are thinking now. And in a world full of political correctness, I found it refreshing.

It’s clear ISIS plans to take the fight to us. Best defense is a strong offense. Cut off their funding, and them pick them apart. Or in Trump’s words, “take their oil… and bomb the shit out of ‘em.”

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