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The Start of a Slow Death for The Internet

As I’ve been saying all along about so-called Net Neutrality, it’s a sham! Dressed up with a benign and harmless name, Net Neutrality will take away advantages the internet has provided small businesses and transfer them to corporations with fat wallets looking for exceptions (conglomerates capable of lobbying members of congress).

From a consumer perspective, Net Neutrality will create a mediocre internet for hundreds of millions of people, while advancing crony capitalism and monopolies. This is not a progressive law as branded by the leftists and those ignorant enough to support it purely based on its name. Once again, just like the Affordable Care Act and the Patriot Act duped Americans into thinking it was in their best interest, bureaucrats have pulled the wool over your eyes.

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Yesterday, in a landmark decision, the FCC voted 3-2 in favour of Net Neutrality. Following the decision, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler stated “The internet must remain open. We will protect the values of an open internet, both in the last mile as well as at the point of interconnection.”

Wheeler went on to state “The internet is the most powerful and pervasive platform on the planet.” Okay, I agree with that statement, but then he said “It’s simply too important to be left without rules and without a referee on the field.” In other words, it can only be saved if the government gets involved. That’s a joke.

Bear in mind, Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, refused to testify in front of congress before the vote took place. Why? Maybe it had something to do with the information in the 320+ page Net Neutrality bill… the devil is in the details. 320 pages!!!???

I don’t know about you, but I’ve quite enjoyed the internet the way it has been. And it’s the furthest thing from the Wild West analogy in which Wheeler described it. With little more than a few thousand bucks, some good ideas and a lot of enthusiasm, the internet allowed me to start businesses and hire many people over the last decade…

Give the bureaucrats an industry to control and they’ll clumsily destroy any free enterprise within it with burdensome regulations that price out the little guy.

New regulations expand the size of government. And the only beneficiaries of big government, aside from the bureaucrats themselves, are big corporations. Small businesses can’t handle the cost of complex regulations, whereas large corporations have legal teams and lobbyists on retainer to deal with such ridiculousness. Heavily regulated industries benefit government salaries and big corporations. Remember that.

Just watch what happens to the internet over the next decade.

Steven Crowder (@scrowder), in his typical comedic way, does a fantastic job explaining the danger of Net Neutrality in the video above. Enjoy his entertaining and educational theatrics on the sham known as Net Neutrality.

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