Clinton Sort of Admits She Shouldn’t Be Eligible for President

Hillary Clinton is as anti-gun as it gets – even more so than Obama. She has given speeches to her loyal followers that make guns out to be weapons of mass destruction. Along with her cohorts at the New York Times who write columns riddled with misinformation about what constitutes an assault rifle, semi-automatic, and a new, made up term “high capacity cartridges,” Clinton is narrow minded on the issue of guns. I believe if Clinton has her way the 2nd Amendment will be rewritten in a manner that is stricter than Canadian firearm laws.


Hillary Clinton Speech on Gun Control

Despite knowing in advance the general tone of her message yesterday, I couldn’t help but watch Clinton’s speech following the Orlando massacre. I wanted to see the contrasting reaction between her and Donald Trump. I knew she would make it more about gun control than the fact the US has terror cells growing within its borders. Her logic behind more gun control is straight out of the Chomsky playbook and is enough to make this Conservative nauseous.

Halfway into her scripted speech full of liberal clichés, Clinton made a Freudian slip…

She stated, “If the FBI is watching you for suspected terrorist links, you shouldn’t be able to just go buy a gun with no questions asked.”

Fair enough, Hillary. But what happens if you’re being investigated by the FBI – should you be allowed to run for President?

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