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Romney Was Right

Mitt Romney is looking back on the 2012 Presidential Race and saying ‘I told you so’. All the Democratic naysayers who laughed at him for stating that Russia was America’s greatest geopolitical foe, and that Detroit should have been allowed to go bankrupt in a structured way, are eating crow today.

Romney on Russia

In the 2012 election campaign, President Obama attacked Romney for his comments stating that Russia was America’s greatest geopolitical foe. Obama used clichés and metaphors to try and make Romney look like an out of touch, reckless war-mongerer. Sadly, sound bites played well to the Democratic audience and the media ran with them. Obama said Romney was stuck in the Cold War-era by making such wild and false claims about Russia. However, things are much clearer now, even for the Left, and Romney was right-on with his statement about Russia.

In recent weeks Russia has been pissing on America’s grass and doing so with a smile. Vladimir Putin wants to prosecute anyone for basically speaking positively about gay people (through fines and jail time). Under Obama’s leadership, gay rights have been strongly promoted in America and Putin is sending a message with this new law passed in Russia. In addition, the most wanted man in America, Edward Snowden, was granted asylum by Putin after the ex-NSA contractor dished out national intelligence surveillance secrets to the world. Snowden called Obama a liar on global television and Vladimir Putin gracefully allowed him to stay in Russia, protected, for at least one year.


Obama attacks Romney for calling Russia America’s great geopolitical foe:

When Romney made the comments about Russia, during the election season, Hillary Clinton piped up and discredited Mitt by stating “I think it’s somewhat dated to be looking backwards instead of being realistic about where we agree, where we don’t agree.”

Mr. Smiley, Joe Biden, stated “Romney acts like he thinks the Cold War’s still on… I don’t know where he’s been”.

One more thing: Prior to the election, Obama was caught stating this to then Russian leader, Dmitri Medvedev (a puppet of Putin’s):

No one knows exactly what Obama meant by ‘more flexibility’ but you better believe had Romney been in his shoes this would have never happened. Putin is walking all over Obama.

End of story, Romney was deadly accurate about Russia and the tension between both countries will continue to rise. Obama is just realizing this now and cancelled a planned meeting with Putin 4 days ago…


Let Detroit Go Bankrupt

Then there’s the Detroit bankruptcy Romney stated should have been allowed to happen a long time ago (click here to read Romney’s op-ed titled Let Detroit Go Bankrupt). To be clear, Romney was referring to the automakers in Detroit when he said they should have been allowed to go through a structured bankruptcy instead of a taxpayer bailout, but nonetheless, we all know what’s going on right now in the Motor City. It is a complete disaster and the entire city, which is almost solely reliant on the auto sector, is broke. Detroit can’t pay its bills and this catastrophe has been dealt with in the worst possible way at the highest possible expense. The bankrupt city simply forgot the importance of sustainability and is now facing the music (which Romney stated was inevitable).

Romney’s foresight into two important issues affecting America today was spot-on. Despite that, he was laughed at during the election season by Obama, Biden and virtually all of the mainstream media. End result: Mitt was viewed as out of touch and Obama is running the country which is barely staying out of a recession. Meanwhile, I find myself wondering how the American economy would look today had Mr. Romney, a Conservative with a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit, been elected…


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