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Want Freedom and Privacy? Rand Paul
Rand Paul for President in 2016

Freedom and privacy. They go hand in hand. If they’re important to you, and you’re an American, you may want to start paying close attention to Rand Paul – no matter if you line up on the right or left.

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So far, of any candidate entering the 2016 Presidential race, Rand Paul (and perhaps Ben Carson, although I haven’t heard him speak enough about it) is the only one I would bet on that would truly defend your freedom and privacy as an American.

Rand Paul went so far as to speak, in Filibuster-fashion, for ten hours last month against the Patriot Act renewal because he believes it invades YOUR privacy and rights.

Have a listen to Paul’s recent speech against the Patriot Act and for YOUR right to be left alone…

Rand Paul in-line With Millenials

80% of polled Americans under the age of 40 believe the government’s data collection has gone too far, and that it violates their privacy. This demographic, known as the Millenials, is the largest demographic in the United States (estimated at around 90 million people) – bigger than the Baby Boomers. Socially progressive, and highly focused on individual rights, this demographic often lines up with Libertarianism. And that works well for Paul, as he is widely recognized in politics as a Libertarian. Furthermore, Republicans haven’t, for decades, fared well in elections with young adults. So, if Paul’s message can get out to this audience, you better believe he has a great shot at the White House, despite most of the mainstream media polls showing Jeb and Hillary in first and second.

Much like his father, Rand is a constitutionalist. He believes in the rights of individuals and isn’t afraid to go against the GOP, his own party, to protect them. Rand Paul is the new breed of what Republicans ought to be if they ever want to lose the undeserved stigma of being the party of ‘old white guys’ and have a shot at beating Hillary Clinton in 2016.