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CNN Jesus Censorship?
CNN censorship Benjamin Watson

Benjamin Watson, tight end for the New Orleans Saints, wrote a fantastic blog about the Ferguson situation on his Facebook page. You can read it below:

The blog went viral online, thanks in large part to his fellow NFL players sharing the positive message with their own fans.

And because of Watson’s well-written blog receiving the attention it deserved online, CNN decided to interview the budding role model for our youth. I commend them for that. Now more than ever the NFL needs spokesmen like Watson.

The entire CNN interview was somewhere in the 5 to 7 minute range, and it was filled with awesome and positive advice from Watson, who likely is a devout Christian. He spoke about the dangers of making assumptions (which is well documented in the book ‘The Four Agreements’ by the way) as well as the fact that sin, not skin color, is what is driving the riots and looting in Ferguson.

After basically handing over the mic to Watson for the entire CNN interview, when he delves more into the topic of Jesus something strange happened… a color spectrum screen appears and cuts the interview dead. So for nearly 6 minutes Watson has the stage to talk about his message and the blog, but when he mentions Jesus dieing on the cross, which apparently is controversial in some circles, interview over…

Watson stated “…understanding that Jesus Christ died for our sins. And so to me, on a micro level…” before the interview abruptly ended.

After the cutoff the CNN host casually stated “Oh, and just like that we lost him” as she pantomimes touching her ear piece… as if to try and see if he is still there.

CNN censorship? Or is that just the cable news channel’s way of letting their guest know time is up? You be the judge.

More from the great Benjamin Watson CNN interview below: