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Bell’s Whisky Releases Inspiring and Touching Commercial
motivational whisky commercial

Now this is refreshing – a liquor company producing an advertisement that promotes hard work and the joys that come with it.

I think this may be the best commercial I’ve ever seen. Instead of showing the usual temptress seducing a man, who just so happens to be drinking whatever alcohol the company is advertising, Bell’s, a british whisky brand, found an inspiring way to promote its scotch.

Sex sells alcohol
Without using the classic ‘sex sells’ approach, Bell’s found a much more meaningful way to promote its alcohol.

Instead of promoting its whiskey as a way of picking up a woman with big breast, like we so often see with alcohol advertisements, Bell’s promotes its drink for what it is truly meant for: celebration and camaraderie.

In Bell’s latest commercial, the whisky company highlights the beauty of hard work and perseverance.

Commercial synopsis: An elderly man sees his son’s book in a storefront. Inspired by his son’s accomplishment of becoming an author, and intrigued enough to want to learn its content, the man embarks on the humbling experience of learning how to read as an adult… pretty darn cool, and a fantastic marketing strategy on Bell’s behalf.

I enjoy a nice glass of scotch from time to time, and if I see a Bell’s bottle on the liquor store’s shelf, thanks to this commercial, and as a show of support for such a great message, I think I’ll buy a bottle.

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