The Irony of Putin’s Biker Gang

Akin to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, Vladimir Putin’s biker gang of like-minded bruisers, whom he refers to as patriots and has ridden with in the past, have the mission of making Russia great again.

This motorcycle club of roughly 5,000 strong has been around since the 1980’s and deemed itself a rebellion against communism, something any capitalist would applaud. Recently, and rather ironically, the biker gang known as the Night Wolves has been credited by Putin, a commie himself,  with growing Russian patriotism within the country and the recently annexed Crimea.

The leader of the biker club, Alexander, who was awarded a Medal of Honor by Putin himself, indicates he is a skeptic of communism and openly communicates his devotion to the Christian faith. He believes the Soviet Union failed because “they were against God, the Christian religion…” He stated that the biggest “minus” of the Soviet Union was that “They try to build the country without God.”

He certainly has a point there, despite the many other reasons for the fall of Soviet communism.

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