The Ted Cruz Campaign is Finished

Aside from his rather whiny voice and sensationalist approach to giving policy speeches, I used to like Ted Cruz as a candidate. He defied the Republican establishment, the likes of which include the stuck up McConnell and hack Lindsey Graham. He preached about the opportunities free markets bring, and heck, he was born in Calgary, Alberta – both good things. But throughout this primary season, I’ve lost a lot of respect for the guy…

Cruz is too scripted. Sounds like a bad preacher. Akin to a radio DJ, I think he loves the sound of his own voice. I get the sense Cruz thinks he’s atop the ivory tower. Concretely worse, his campaign has been shady and weak and classless at times. From the Ben Carson attack in Iowa (his campaign falsely informed voters that Carson was dropping out), to this weekend’s comments that Trump was responsible for the protesters’ actions, Cruz is coming off as a fraud. Like Trump or not, he wasn’t responsible for those protesters. And Cruz, a supposed constitutionalist, should have realized the greater issue at hand in Chicago, which was the violation of the First Amendment. Trump and all of his supporters lost their free speech right that night, yet Cruz chose to ignore that little fact. For that, Cruz is a weak candidate.

Cruz Blames Trump for Chicago Protesters and Violence

Less concrete, there have been some pretty sleazy rumors flying around about Ted Cruz lately, which I’m sure you’ve heard all about. Nothing new for politicians, but certainly would be taboo for a bible reciting candidate like Cruz – if they are true. Who knows if the rumours are even remotely true or not, I have my doubts on their accuracy… regardless, the supposed hacker group ‘Anonymous’, whoever they are, claim to have a tremendous amount of dirt on Cruz and they’re threatening to flood social media with it if he doesn’t drop out of the race…

Rumours aside, after last night’s beating received from Donald Trump, the sun is setting on Ted Cruz’s run for the White House. But that’s probably a good thing.




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