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There’s No Place for Racial Divide in Politics

There just isn’t a place for racial segregation in politics. No one should support a political party based on their race; however, in the most recent US election, I saw a lot of racially-charged campaigning by support groups on both sides.

The facts are: Some black women are Conservatives, rich white men can be Liberals and many Hispanics believe in Libertarianism and promote individualism.

The Media BS

Don’t let the media’s bullshit, racial propaganda influence your vote. Be an individual and make an informed vote based on what you believe in.

You all know where I line-up politically, which is right from centre, and my vote is always heavily-based on economic policies – not the party who has more Irish members in its caucus.

Republican Party is White?

For those who say the Republican Party is an ‘old white man’s club,’ think again.

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and Teddy Roosevelt broke through social barriers by inviting the first black man to the White House for dinner. That man was Booker T. Washington, an African-American educator and promoter of capitalism – a hero. When Roosevelt invited Washington, well over 100 years ago, it was to a formal dining event. ‘Dining’ together, in those days, was a symbol of social equality.

Both Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln were Republicans.

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