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Engage Canada’s Horrible Attempt at Dethroning Harper
Engage Canada's attack ad on Stephen Harper

If I told you that the government was going to ‘leave you on your own,’ would that be welcomed news?

When I saw the latest attack ad against Stephen Harper’s Conservatives by a group known as Engage Canada, I was bewildered. Their messaging, at least from my perspective, was completely off. One of their punch lines was actually a tout for Stephen Harper, the very man they are trying to dethrone as Prime Minister of Canada.

One of the punch lines was so bad, in fact, that I think Harper should use it in his ads to explain why he is the best choice in the coming election.

This ad shows just how socialistic this Engage Canada group is. Their messaging exposes them as big government enthusiasts, which I don’t think the majority of Canadians support. Engage Canada’s ad insinuates that Canadians can’t thrive without government hand-holding.

According to Brian Lilley of The Rebel, Engage Canada is Big Labour’s new power play and a national version of Ontario’s Working Families Coalition. The CBC reported that Engage Canada is a group “whose stated intent is to make the Conservative party “unelectable.”

I don’t think they’re doing a very good job…

And despite touting itself as a non-partisan group, Engage Canada is “headed by former Liberal and NDP strategists and it counts unions among its donors” according to Franke Rodriguez of the CBC.

For most enterprising, self-reliant individuals, the notion that our government is going to leave us to our own devices is music to our ears. Low taxes, modest regulation, limited entitlements etc. In other words, freedom.

Engage Canada is right in this ad when it states the Canadian economy is nearing a recession. But their key message that the Harper Conservatives will “Leave you on your own” is, to me, and I suspect most other entrepreneurs, an endorsement for the Prime Minister…

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