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Shocking Early Results in CBC Tax Poll
Canadian voter poll on taxes

With Trudeau ahead in the latest Canadian election polls, Stephen Harper has spent the week campaigning against the Liberal leader’s proposed tax plan, saying it will take significant money from some Canadian families. While taxes have always been one of the main issues in Canadian elections, if not the most important (Canadians vote with their wallets typically), the vast majority of early CBC poll participants on Power & Politics stated taxes are virtually irrelevant this election. I was in disbelief.

Screen shot from CBC program POwer & Politics - click image to watch full episode
Screen shot from CBC program Power & Politics – click image to watch full episode

Of the first nearly 500 votes taken for this CBC poll, 88% of the participants (416 people, according to the network) stated that taxes will not determine how they vote…

If reflective on a national level this would be a historic shift for Canadian voters. Indeed, unheard of. And it would certainly undermine all efforts Harper is making this week to explain to voters how Trudeau’s tax plans would negatively impact some Canadians…

But hang on a second. After watching the program which aired these early poll results and being in disbelief, I had to see it through. By the end of the 2 hour program, in the final minute, presumably when those who have jobs returned home and had time to participate in this poll, the results drastically changed… back to predictable Canadian standards.

CBC Power & Politics
Screen shot from CBC program Power & Politics – click image to watch full episode


Stephen Harper faces a nation looking for change, but I think his tax message in the final week of the campaign may make a difference on October 19th.

No matter your political beliefs, just get out and vote.