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A Life Changing Mindset for Entrepreneurs
The right mindset for entrepreneurs

Success leads to greater challenges and bigger expectations; but for all its positives, success can also increase pressure and stress. At times it certainly has for me. I clear one hill, and behind that lies a mountain I want to climb. That’s the way it is for most entrepreneurs. And it can get a bit overwhelming, temporarily causing admiration for those living the simpler 9 to 5 lifestyle. Being able to ‘turn it off’ once you get home from the office certainly has its appeal…

But then we take a step back, look at what we have built and realize this is what keeps our juices flowing. The challenges, unpredictable lifestyle and threats/competition we face as entrepreneurs are what make it an intoxicating game.


The Winning Entrepreneur Mindset

As entrepreneurs, we all know how important a positive outlook is. Mindset matters. So, I want to share a mindset exercise you can practice right now, and always. It will help strengthen your outlook – especially if you’re going through a rocky, overwhelming period we’ve all face at one point or another as entrepreneurs.


It’s not that you ‘have to’ but rather you ‘get to’

This exercise I want to share is simple, yet incredibly powerful in transforming your outlook in tough times. I can’t take credit for this, however – it comes from the well-known gospel preacher Joel Osteen. I was listening to one of his sermons on Sirius a little while ago, and that’s when I learned this… whether you’re religious or not, it applies.

Osteen’s sermon was about people who carried a pessimistic view on life and the collateral damages that mindset can cause for themselves and those around them. The sermon was themed around transforming one’s mindset. He explained that even some people who appear to have it all, be it wealth, a beautiful family, big house, etc. are miserable because they always seek out problems. Some have a knack for finding everything that’s wrong while ignoring all the good. (And then there are those with seemingly little in life who are always bubbly and optimistic. Osteen contends, and I agree, that it rests in our mindset.)

Joel Osteen’s simple technique to change your mindset from pessimistic to optimistic is whenever you dread ‘having’ to do something, tell yourself you’re lucky because you ‘get to’ do said activity or task. Think about that for a second…

Dreading that you ‘have to’ put in an 80 hour work week?

Appreciate that you ‘get to’ work an 80 hour week which, from your efforts, could really improve where your company currently stands. Enjoy the fact that your company relies on you to get work done. You are the person who is depended on because you are good at what you do. Furthermore, some people can’t find employment. Others aren’t given the opportunity to work those long hours and show what they’re worth.

Have to clean your big house for four hours on the weekend?

No, you ‘get to’ clean your big house which provides your family shelter, memories and a peaceful place to call home. Some people struggle to pay rent. Some sleep under bridges every night. Be appreciative that you own a home. Enjoy the fact you get to take care of it.

Have to make more money soon, or else…

No, you get an opportunity to make money from your idea. You have the freedom to pursue your entrepreneurial path which can lead to a lifestyle most only dream about.

Have to go to court because someone slipped and hurt themselves at your store?

No, you get to go to court and defend yourself and your reputable establishment. In some countries, there isn’t a fair legal system, and you may not even have the right to defend yourself.

Have to go to your daughter’s school to meet with the principal because she acted up?

No, you get to help your child grow and learn from her mistakes.


You see the point. This exercise has universal application and does wonders for entrepreneurs when they’re feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. In fact, it works for every human being on the planet. Try it yourself. Mindset matters.

Stay hungry,


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