The Problem With American Mainstream Media

The United States, contrary to national media fear mongering and desperation for drama, is a very inclusionary country. Having lived there for a couple years in one of the more blended black and white states in the US, I never felt nor witnessed a smidgen of racism.

However, had you never visited the country and only watched American news, which is almost pure propaganda, you would conclude the nation is always on the verge of blowing up in a race war.

Not only that, but the politicians in the country, particularly those on the left, play the race card as their go-to. Accusations that Republicans don’t care about minorities is common place and apparently acceptable in election season. I find it sickening and horribly misrepresentative of most Americans’ views.

Today, that liberal race baiting was on display yet again. Republican antagonizer and former Obama administration lackey Van Jones, whom I’ve written about before for his lack of knowledge, made some vintage race card comments.

He stated that the Democratic Party “has a problem” – which I agree with but for a different reason (Hillary is their candidate) – because it is the “whitest field that we have seen since 1992.”

Further proving how mentally unstable he is, Jones went on to say that the Democrat field had no “Sharpton,” referring to ‘reverend’ Al Sharpton. And yes, Jones believes not having Sharpton on the debate stage is a bad thing…

Since when does the color of a candidate’s skin quantify presidential merit?

How is this race baiter allowed on television?

Watch his comments for yourself by clicking here.

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