Marco Rubio Bashes Capitalism and Free Markets

Six years ago, Marco Rubio was my pick for the new face of the Republican Party. He was young, appeared sharp, and an apparent staunch supporter of the free markets. And being Latino, he brought important diversity to the Republican Party which has been wrongly accused by the mainstream media of being a party of old white men.

Ask me what I think of Marco Rubio now… oh how far he has fallen.

My take on Rubio is simple now: He sold out. He forgot why he was elected; or perhaps life in  D.C., when you’re hanging with the political elite and being groomed for leadership, has a way of making one take his eye off the ball.

Rubio quickly became the party prince after Romney lost in 2012, and it has ruined his shot at the White House. I don’t know who they are exactly, but there’s no doubt in my mind Rubio is in someone’s pocket. He’s been re-engineered. He’s not the same Marco Rubio who was elected in the 2010 Tea Party tidal wave.


Rubio the Establishment Robot

Everyone remembers the famous water bottle incident with Rubio in his SOTU response a few years back – call it a rookie mistake. The more substantive issue is his pitiful senate voting record – avoiding many controversial votes so not to be used against him if he were to make it to the general election (Obama did the same thing). Then there was the debate before the New Hampshire primary where Rubio was truly exposed as a robot by Chris Christie when he repeated the same anti-Obama rhetoric in response to a heated exchange with the governor – demonstrating his lack of wit and ability to think on his feet. Finally, and this is the one no one seems to be talking about yet should be the most concerning for entrepreneurs, Rubio’s classless attacks on Trump’s business endeavors – weakness at its finest. He made a desperate attempt at casting a shadow of doubt over Trump’s ethics by bashing the very thing he claims to be a staunch supporter of: the free markets.

Rubio bashed Trump for hiring foreign workers. I mean, come on… which multi-billion dollar company on the planet hasn’t hired foreign workers? Not a single one. This was nothing more than a cheap shot, a drive-by political attack as Christie correctly dubbed a similar Rubio remark. It’s a talking point that solidifies Rubio is the Republican establishment – no better than McConnell, McCain or Graham.

To make matters worse, Rubio asserted that if Trump hadn’t inherited $200 million he would be selling watches right now in Manhattan… first off, what’s wrong with a watch dealer? Secondly, that’s a man who has no understanding of what it takes to take risk and build an empire. Love him or hate him, Trump has built a business empire, and being a trust fund baby never made that happen. Can’t hate on a guy for inheriting a ton of money and multiplying that capital 50 times over. In fact, Trump’s entrepreneurial accomplishments demonstrate the beauty of capitalism and the free markets. You know, the very thing Rubio claims to be a staunch supporter of.

You’re done Marco Rubio… you’ve lost your way.



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