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My Vote is For Ivanka
Ivanka Trump RNC Speech 2016

Now that both political party conventions are over, it’s easy to identify America’s choices in 2016… the contrasts between Trump and Clinton are blatant… and the same can be said for the candidates’ daughters. While both women are accomplished and very intelligent, from an entrepreneur’s perspective one clearly out-shined the other.

You can measure someone by the character of their children. And while both candidates have presentable kids, Donald Trump’s operate on a whole other level. This was evident when comparing Chelsea Clinton’s speech with Ivanka Trump’s

Chelsea’s speech was an attempt to convince Americans that Hillary really is a sensitive, loving grandmother with deep maternal instincts, and is more than qualified to be POTUS – namely because she is a woman. Ivanka’s was an endorsement of her father’s ability to fight for what’s right, persevere and turn ideas into tangible job creators…

One speech was very convincing and emotionally charged, the other not so much…

Some interesting lines came from the women during their speeches:

Chelsea proclaimed, “There’s something else my mom taught me… public service is about service…” Wasn’t it the Clintons who took fine china and furnishings from the White House and had to pay up after a congressional inquiry? Didn’t the Clintons go into office middle-class citizens and shortly after leaving become very wealthy thanks to paid speeches to Wall Street banks, multinationals and Middle Eastern governments?

“My father is a fighter” was Ivanka’s message. She spoke about his work ethic, teachings on personal responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Some great lines about successful entrepreneurship came out in Ivanka’s speech. One that stands out was when she stated, “One of the reasons he has thrived as an entrepreneur is because he listens to everyone. Billionaire executives don’t usually ask the people doing the work for their opinion of the work. My father is an exception. On every one of his projects you’ll see him talking to the super, the painter, the engineer, the electricians. He’ll ask them for their feedback if they think something should be done differently or could be done better.”

In true Clinton fashion, Chelsea took jabs at Ivanka on a morning talk show following her speech. Ivanka, on the other hand, didn’t publicly criticize Chelsea’s at all.  This is a classic Clinton move: discredit all parties associated with the competition. Sadly, Chelsea and Ivanka have been friends for years. What does that say about someone’s character when they freely bash a friend for their own gain? Of course, Democrats will brush it off as ‘just politics’. But I see it as a tremendous character flaw.

If my vote was solely based on the speeches from the candidates’ daughters, the choice would be clear. America needs an entrepreneur in the White House. It needs a builder who can revitalize a failing empire.

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