14-Year Old Sets Goal to Win Masters and Does 7 Years Later

A lot of people set goals – and that’s great. But more often than not, the goals being set aren’t nearly big enough, and they don’t come close to maximizing one’s full potential.

Setting audacious, long-term goals (not just near term) is vitally important.  They serve as a road map to your life and keep you on track by encouraging you to consistently work toward the pinnacle. I wrote about this in my last blog entry of 2014 (click here to read). Just this past weekend, Jordan Spieth perfectly exemplified why this is so powerful. On Sunday, a 21-year old Texan became the youngest winner of the Masters – the world’s most prestigious golf tournament.

A phenom since fourteen, Spieth showed early signs of greatness. That said, we’ve seen many child stars burn out as they hit adulthood, often falling into drug addiction or a life not conducive to discipline and success.

As you can see from the video above, Spieth had amazing skill at a young age. However, most young men with his skill would set a goal of making the PGA tour, not winning the most prestigious tournament in golf! At 14 years old, Spieth told a local Texas news station, “My ultimate goal, when I came here… I said I wanted to win the Masters…”

7 years later, and that’s exactly what he did!

Talk about the power of positive thinking and setting audacious, long-term goals

So, what’s your goal?

Stay hungry,
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