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Afghanistan is About to Blow
Afghanistan will be destroyed when US troops leave

As ISIS’ reign of terror and genocide takes a brief pause to avoid the nameless and tepid airstrike mission Obama authorized, there’s another disaster in the Middle East coming down the pipe thanks to America’s combat troop withdrawal. And I fully believe the chaos that is about to be unleashed in Afghanistan will make the problems in Iraq an afterthought.

Just this past week U.S. general Harold Greene was killed in Kabul by an Afghan soldier. Greene was the highest-ranking American officer killed in combat since Vietnam. He was killed by a soldier in the army America trained and armed. That same Afghan army has been given the monstrous task of keeping the peace in Afghanistan upon U.S. troop withdrawal by year-end. They will be responsible for fighting the highly motivated, well-trained and armed Taliban.

This isn’t the first time a member of the Afghan National Army turned on American troops, either. It’s happened far too many times. The Afghan army is filled with nefarious characters who carry with them rage and resent toward the US. The only reason America assembled this Afghan army was because they had a common enemy, the Taliban. But, just as it backfired when the US helped liberate Afghanistan from the Soviets by arming the Taliban, this national army, at least many members of it, may eventually be looking to terrorize America.

[Tweet “The Afghan National Army is riddled with some child molesters, rapists and drug addicts”]

Riddled with some child molesters, rapists and heroine addicts, certain members of this Afghan National Army are no better than the Taliban – and they resent the United States in similar fashion.

Ben Anderson created an exceptional documentary showing just how doomed Afghanistan will be the moment combat troops of Western nations leave the armpit of the Middle East.