If Biden Runs, Hillary is Toast

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is bad news for her Presidential run, but it’s not the greatest threat to her winning the Democrat nominationJoe Biden is.

Whether Hillary Clinton comes out of this scandal without a criminal record or not, her fate as the nominee is in the hands of Biden. For likeability, which is what gets people in the White House, Biden crushes her. And he is only getting more likeable by the TV appearance. Bear in mind, that’s saying a lot coming from me, a Conservative/Libertarian who disagrees with many of his policies.

In fact, as it stands I don’t think there is a Republican who could beat Biden. Ben Carson would have a chance, but that’s it. I think Biden would steamroll Donald Trump, the current front-runner, despite what recent polls suggest.

Watch the clip above from Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. Biden comes off as extremely genuine, enlightened, and someone I would love to have a beer with. Despite being a career politician, remarkably and inexplicably for someone who has been in politics for near 4 decades, Biden has the outsider’s edge – something he shares with Trump and Carson.

Stephen Colbert, the best of the best when it comes to late night, stated from the onset of the interview last night “thank you for being here. Everybody likes Joe Biden, right… I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why I think that is. I think it’s because when we see you we think that we are actually seeing the real Joe Biden. You’re not a politician who has created some sort of facade…”

Colbert went on to state “.. you are a man of substance…”

It’s no wonder right-wing media tycoon Rupert Murdoch tweeted on September 7th:

I particularly appreciated Biden’s honest comments about his faith. After talking about the value being a Catholic has brought to his life, he humbly stated, “the faith doesn’t always stick with you. Sometimes it leaves you… so I don’t want to come off as…”

You see a guy like that on the TV and then compare him with Clinton… there’s a gap in sincerity that she won’t be able to close. Apparently Biden will be making a decision by the end of September on whether he will run for President or not. You better believe Hillary Clinton will be waiting on the edge of her seat for that announcement.

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